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Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

Whitening. Our gentle home of in-surgery Zoom whitening can enhance the colour of your smile. (Home whitening shown)

Porcelain Veneers can re-shape and brighten your smile. 6 upper veneers shown.

New crowns can improve your smile and gum health. 6 new upper crowns shown.

Trauma to old bridge and tooth repaired with a new bridge and crown.

Old crowns and bridge replaced with modern metal free alternatives in combination with tooth whitening.

Worn and eroded teeth can be replaced with all new porcelain crowns – new upper 6 crowns shown

Decayed and misshapen teeth can be replaced by a bridge – 6 upper teeth on an all porcelain bridge shown in combination with tooth whitening.

Dental implants to replace lost upper front teeth. 2 upper implants and all porcelain crowns placed.

Veneers and white filings to repair damaged eroded teeth. 2 upper veneers and white filling at the side of tooth shown

Old crowns look tired as gum recedes. 8 new all porcelain crowns shown.

Trauma to front teeth can be repaired with composite filing – 3 upper composite filings placed immediately following trauma.

Crooked teeth can be straightened with Invisalign invisible braces without the need for any extractions.