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Family & Preventative Care

Family & Preventative Care

The key to a healthy smile

With preventive dentistry the sooner it starts the better, no matter what your age. Children, adults an even those who no longer have their teeth can benefit from preventive dentistry. We aim to prevent dental disease rather than to treat it at a later date.

Preventative Care for Children

Preventive dentistry begins with their first tooth and becomes a lifelong process. Regular check-ups from an early age will help prevent tooth decay and gum problems. If started at an early stage, preventive dentistry can help to make a huge difference in a child’s future oral health.

Early intervention from as young as three with the application of fluoride varnish and fissure sealants can help prevent caries along with regular dental brushing.

Preventative Care for Adults

Preventive dentistry can help to reduce decay and gum disease which increases the chances of keeping your own teeth. For those who have lost teeth, preventive dentistry plays an important role in detection of mouth cancer or denture sores.

Depending on your age, other elements of preventive dentistry include: brushing, flossing, topical fluoride, oral habits, orthodontics, parental involvement, proper diet, sealants and crowns or onlays for cracked teeth to avoid further damage.