I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kindness and excellent treatment. I am really lucky to have such an amazing dentist.

Miss R

The time you have taken to explain everything and the advice you have given has filled me with so much confidence in the treatment I need. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Fraser Dental.

Mr J

My new teeth are excellent! The fit is perfect and I’ve had lots of complements about them. Thank you.

Mrs A

Thank you once again so much for going the extra mile in cleaning my teeth.

Mrs O

“I have suffered from a serious phobia of dentists following a bad experience as a child. For over 15 years I was unable to have dental treatment unless I was fully sedated and even then would often not be able to attend the appointment due to a total fear.
I would arrive at a variety of dentists and not even make it into the chair for a check-up.
I was recommended to visit Tom and my whole experience of dental treatment has changed. Tom was very patient with me and was absolutely set on getting me to be able to be treated without sedation, his approach was totally different to other dentists and I felt confident after a very short time to let him proceed with an examination, this then progressed to a filling and then onto a crown. He explains everything during the visit and reassures you totally that you are safe and will not feel any pain at all. I now visit the dentist with no fear and am 100% confident in everything he does, I am now even a regular with the hygienist and look forward to my visits. I would recommend Tom to anyone with a fear of dentists, he has change my whole opinion and my fears have gone.”

Miss G
Great Barr

“A warm, friendly, family practice – Tom has not only kept my teeth in top shape for many years but he has also transformed my smile! Always prepared to go the extra mile – I’d never go anywhere else.”

Mrs S

“The implant is a superb match and a tight fit…It was completed with a minimum of discomfort with great care on your part and just a little on mine.”

Mr R
Handsworth Wood